TiSPLAY’s A3 media platform (T-Board)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


This is not digital but when I first saw it I was so convinced that it was that I contacted TiSPLAY to find out more about their range of products.

The T-Board is a static A3 media platform that is illuminated through activation. Its maker TiSPLAY are, I suppose more in the standard outdoor/ambient media sector – their aim to provide out of home advertising opportunities to local businesses (though they are missing a big opportunity I feel if they do not also chase national sales brands).

I am told that with a little R&D the T-Board may go digital over the next 18 months or so.

TiSPLAY basically secure the rights to install and advertise on the T-Boards within high profile car parks throughout the UK, currently …

  • At-Bristol – Bristol
  • Beechwood Shopping Centre – Cheltenham
  • Chinatown – Birmingham
  • Arcadian Centre – Birmingham

With the following going live 1st quarter 2008

  • Kingsland Shopping Centre – Dalston, London
  • Observatory Shopping Centre – Slough
  • Queensmere Shopping Centre – Slough
  • Charing Cross – Glasgow
  • Cambridge Street – Glasgow
  • Cadogon Square – Glasgow
  • Emerygate Shopping Centre – Chippenham

Their business is obviously focused around Car Parks but nevertheless it is a neat solution and a well thought through product (and business for that matter).

The attached PDF (just under 1MB) shows the T-Board in a variety of real life scenarios and uses

TiSPLAY’s A3 media platform (T-Board)

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