CBS Outdoor’s Digital Outdoor Campaign Winner of 2007 is…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

… not suprisingly / again / please stop giving awards to this campaign just because it uses the DEPs…

…is 20th Century Fox’s Rocky Balboa as of course produced by Grand Visual.


Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good campaign, well thought out, great execution from Grand Visual and makes the most of the individual screens on the escalator panels but I cannot help thinking that a lot of the creativity is in the hardware itself.

The votes were cast by members of the general public – in 2008 let’s, as an industry, give them a lot more, different and exciting digital creatives to choose from.

Congratulations to Grand Visual anyway.

* Brand
20th Century Fox / Rocky Balboa
* Start date
Dec 2006
* End date
Jan 2007
* Format
Digital Escalator Panel
* Category
Entertainment & Media
* Description
10” Network Pack
* Overview
20th Century Fox came on board as a launch partner for the first roll out of the DEPs. They used three months worth of coverage to promote some key films during that period, these included; Rocky, Eragon & Night at The Museum. This campaign was one of the first to grasp the benefit of the ability to run sequenced creative across the screens – and they did it to great effect. The campaign won ‘Digital Campaign Poster of the Year’ at the Campaign Poster Awards and has since been used by many as a template on this format.

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