The Popcorn Hour S-300 DMP

Andrew Neale

Described as a small-sized yet powerful digital signage solution utilising the latest Sigma Design SMP8671 chipset, the curiously named Popcorn Hour S-300 from Syabas Technology Inc. is the latest digital media player to come to our attention.

It’s a small, fanless design for displaying full 1080p HD video and photos and the obligatory (it seems) support for weather, twitter, and RSS feeds in a multi-zone format on the screen itself.

The Popcorn Hour S-300 comes with a 4GB USB drive for local storage, and it can play centralised playlists from a network.

The MSRP for the Popcorn Hour S-300 will be EUR 249 in the European Union (including VAT) and USD 219 for those elsewhere.

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