Ex-Ronin Chair Takes a Back Seat

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Greg Barnum, Wireless Ronin’s lead director was appointed chairman back in September 2008, a position he held until January 2011 when Stephen Birke replaced Barnum in that role.

How I spent 200,000 dollars

Greg Barnum had continued to serve as a director of the company up until very recently at least.

He was also chairman of the audit committee and a member of the executive committee but in a Form 8-K for WIRELESS RONIN TECHNOLOGIES INC dated 3-Jul-2012, ‘Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other Events’ it was announced “Gregory T. Barnum notified us that he would be resigning from his position as a director of the Company, effective July 1, 2012”.

In other exciting news (oh the joys of being public) Ronin announced the change in composition of their Audit Committee – Kent O. Lillimoe, previously a member of the Audit Committee, will serve as its Chair, and Stephen F. Birke will join the Audit Committee.

What we’d really like to know though is how Michael Howe and his associates got on with their ‘business planning and strategy project’ for Ronin, see our December 2010 post ‘Here’s Howe I Walked Away With 200K’ especially as www.howeassociates.net doesn’t seem to exist anymore!

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  1. P.T. Barnum Says:

    I may have fallen asleep waiting for the KFC rollout to happen, but I missed the announcements on the CVS and Arby’s deals he walked Ronin in to. His strategy consulting project probably started with a technology assessment, followed by a talent assessment and a competitive assessment. Based on that, his recommendation must have been to find a partner that would make people forget the false Arby’s dream and focus on an impossible McDonald’s dream. And maybe get them to take the company private so he could cash out his 300,000 shares. Brilliant!

  2. mluby Says:


  3. P.T. Barnum Says:


    Please go back to your pump and dump message boards: I think StockTwits says all we need to know about you. (http://stocktwits.com/mluby) You will find that the readers at DailyDOOH are not terribly susceptible to fantasy, at least not those of your Masterless Warrior in Minneapolis. Learn about stock fundamentals and try to get out of mum’s basement from time to time.

    A couple of other notes for you: the Caps Lock key is usually located on the left side of your keyboard, above the Shift key. Try pressing it so the little light goes off. Perhaps the little voices in your head will stop then as well. And Thomson has no “P”, as in PO.

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