São Paulo International Airport – Screens R Us

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

now what country are we in?

Now what country are we in?

At the end of my recent South American tour, on my way out at the airport on São Paulo I came across without doubt the biggest installation that I found on my trip: massive video walls neatly slotted in between the departure information boards – no way to miss them!

nice bit of self-promotion

Nice bit of self-promotion

The installations are by Indoormidia, who have a total of 273 screens spread across most of the airports in the land: São Paulo (national & international) Rio de Janeiro (national) Brasilia, Manaus, Recife, Belém, Maceió, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Teresina.

intelligent use of space

Intelligent use of space

The installation at São Paulo International (Guarulhos) has six LG 3 x 3 m videowalls using 42” plasma screens and running on MPEG4.

The system does seem to be popular with advertisers , with Indoormidia announcing a client list including: Amex, Banco do Brasil, BMW, Fiat, Honda, HP, HSBC, Mercedes, Microsoft, Motorola, Nextel, Telefonica, Varig and VW.

we're being watched

We're being watched

Everywhere you turn there are more screens. There is a series of consoles in the departure area heavily labelled (& possibly sponsored by?) Samsung. And another series of Panasonic screens and a massive wall, both running excerpts from local TV stations such as ManagemenTV.

Indoormidia claims to reach 68 million passengers per year. Not surprisingly, the two São Paulo airports reach 2.8 million per month, closely followed by Brasilia with 900 000!

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