Altierre’s E-Paper For Digital Signs And Price Tags

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Altierre Corp., a San Jose, California, provider of ultra-low power wireless technology that enables dynamic pricing, promotion and product information in brick and mortar retail stores, has introduced its E-Paper Product Family.

The fully graphic (dot-matrix) high-resolution E-Paper digital display technology appears as ink on paper and complements the company’s complete suite of digital price tags, signs and enterprise-ready wireless infrastructure.

“The addition of E-Paper to the Altierre product family is an exciting milestone for our fast-growing company,” says Sunit Saxena, Altierre chairman and CEO. “With over 1,000 stores already installed and running Altierre’s proprietary e-signage solutions and wireless infrastructure in US and Europe, we see enormous potential and customer demand for the incredibly sharp and crisp displays that E-Paper affords.”

“Altierre now has a broad range of digital price tag and signs all working on one, integrated network. This allows customers to mix and match LCD displays with E-Paper for the lowest total cost of ownership and a fully customizable solution that is right for each store,” says Saxena. “A retailer could choose to install these high-end display signs and tags in certain high visibility/high impact portions of their stores, while saving money on the lower impact areas with our low cost LCD-based signs and tags. This is a smart and cost effective way to implement digital signs and digital price tags.”

Like the graphic LCD displays, the new E-Paper displays not only improve marketing messaging, price accuracy and merchandising discipline, they also upscale product presentation for greater impact. The combination of high-end E-Paper display signs and tags along with low cost LCD signs which allow for attention-grabbing animations, organized content via auto-sequenced multi-screens on a sign, provide a powerful, expanded in-store messaging capability. The result is an effective multi-channel marketing strategy that brings more cohesiveness between web and in-store marketing.

Altierre’s bi-directional ultra-low power wireless technology is already operating in over 1,000 retail stores across US and Europe. Altierre was recently awarded the Always On Top 250 Global Companies to Watch.

The company also reached several key milestones in 2011, achieving record revenue growth and surpassing the one million mark in both RF chips and digital signs shipped.

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