Konferenz in München – Nochmal nur für Deutsche

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s looking very much like a German only affair for the ‘Munich Digital Signage Conference 2012‘ so any non-German speakers and like last year, anyone outside greater Germany can probably forget about attending.

Whilst there is no agenda available yet the first few speakers have been announced and they pretty much speak for themselves in terms of what sort of event it’s going to be…

  • Christian Rößler
    Managing Director
    Serviceplan Digitalsignage +
  • Damian Rodgett
    Managing Director
    pilot Screentime GmbH
  • Franz-Josef Medam
    Managing Director
  • Axel Schindler
    Senior Marketing Manager Advertising
    Airport Munich
  • Engelbert vom Kolke
    Managing Director
  • Rich Gottwald
    Executive Vice President
    International Sign Association

Four screen manufacturers are listed as sponsors; Philips as ‘platinum’ and NEC, LG and Samsung as ‘gold’ and another display manufacturer DynaScan as ‘silver’ whilst hardware provider CONCEPT International GmbH is listed as ‘bronze’.

Earlier this year the OVAB Europe logo was incorrectly plastered all over the invidis GmbH organised #DiSCO12 event (basically giving credence to an event that was not officially endorsed by the European digital out of home association in anyway) and it looks to us once again that the organisers are being sneaky again in using the association for their own ends (invidis GmbH are after all consultants / event organisers / OVAB Europe board members).

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