Here’s Our Reaction To @MediaTile’s News

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s our initial reaction to MediaTile’s tweet earlier this evening, which said “We sent out some great news today to our customer base. Everybody else gets to find out on Monday. That’s how we roll. #digitalsignage”

  • Wow! Did both of your customers get the news?
  • Was the message, “Hi, yep we’re still in business”?
  • Sorry but our web site is down again
  • We’ve been for sale for ages and never told you but now we can reveal that we’ve been involved in an asset swop – some guy in Phoenix traded a 1984 Buick Skylark with 179,000 miles and his original 8 track of AC/DC’s Back in Black for all of the MediaTile IP straight up
  • The missing management team have turned up. They had just gone out for a long lunch
  • Good news, the digital signage man of the year is coming back to join us
  • Ha! we finally figured out what a Ponzi scheme is!

Or perhaps it’s simply that Palmarés Advisors, who were shopping MediaTile around pre-Ponzi scheme have found a buyer?

2 Responses to “Here’s Our Reaction To @MediaTile’s News”

  1. John Morgan Says:

    Hilarious! A big laugh is just what I needed this Friday. Thanks!

  2. Lou Brault Says:

    Adrian – I’ve been reading your comments about MediaTile’s demise for quite some time now. This seems like an all consuming mission for you. I’m not sure what MediaTile has done to you or DailyDOOH to earn your ongoing darts. However, I would expect that DailyDOOH would be held to a higher editorial standard than having a good laugh at a company and its employee’s misfortunes.

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