Using Digital Signage For Internal Communications

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

James Fine, president of Telecine Multimedia, Montreal, is in New York City this week and speaking later today at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Strategic Internal Communications conference about digital signage.

He and Lisa Cohen, communications designer and strategist at Telecine’s client Bloomberg are discussing the three very ambitious digital signage initiatives that Bloomberg has been running for almost a decade now. They all have stood the test of time very well, and are each still vibrant and more than worthwhile.

Fine and Cohen are speaking at 11:30 on ‘How To Use Digital Signage To Inform, Brand And Energize Your Employees’. Bloomberg employees are likely to have more computers and computer screens per employee than anyone, yet the company decided to run the three very ambitious and very different digital signage initiatives in their workplace.

During this session, you will hear the lessons learned from over 10 years of building, designing for, developing and sunning each of these systems, including: different types of digital signage and how they can help inform your employees; different ways that digital signage was successful for workplace communication; value and impact digital signage has to inform and energize employees

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