Danoo Expands Network With Trofie Airport Retail Partnership

Chris Sheldrake

As hinted at late Friday night and mentioned again in Saturday’s post ‘The Week Ahead’ we were expecting an announcement this week from Danoo with regard network expansion and today we can confirm that they have partnered with Trofie to introduce Digital Out of Home Screens and Custom Content in Airport Retail Locations.

Trofie is a US national firm specializing in marketing and advertising solutions for airport and specialty retailers. With Trofie, Danoo will roll out screens in more than 150 airport retail locations throughout 40 of the country’s busiest airports, including major hubs such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington D.C., Denver and Las Vegas. The new airport locations will expand Danoo’s monthly reach to more than 18 million viewers.

This is something of a significant announcement for Danoo and we hope to cover it in more detail later this week.

Trofie’s network of partner newsstands, gift stores, bookstores and specialty shops reaches millions of travelers daily as they pass through the busiest airports in the United States.

Trofie CEO/Managing Partner Christine Z. Crowley told us first “Danoo can provide an ideal mix of content and advertising for the air traveler,. We believe that Danoo’s technology platform and programming expertise will deliver an outstanding experience for travelers, retail owners and advertisers.”

Danoo and Trofie will start introducing digital screens in newsstands across the US in mid-January, starting with the world’s busiest airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

About Trofie

Trofie creates advertising and marketing programs that significantly increase retailer revenues and enhance brand recognition, product visibility, and ROI for advertisers in major DMA (Designated Market Area) airports from coast to coast and in Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. With a network of retail stores, newsstands, gift and specialty shops and bookstores, Trofie delivers powerful advertising and promotions that attract, engage and convert the mobile, on-the-go, affluent traveler into a motivated consumer—365 days a year.

2 Responses to “Danoo Expands Network With Trofie Airport Retail Partnership”

  1. David Weinfeld Says:

    This is a great partnership for both Danoo and Trofie. Danoo gains a huge footprint in airports and a partner that has a wealth of advertising sales and out-of-home media experience. Not only is Danoo greatly expanding its network of properties, it’s working with a company that has established advertising clients and a deep understanding of what works in airport advertising. This could end up being a match made in heaven.

    With Danoo’s technology and content creation expertise, this tie-up has the potential to grow into a very successful long-term partnership. As Danoo continues to expand its business and operations, as its backers at Kleiner Perkins expect, could Trofie become an acquisition target for the company down the road?

  2. Wenzl and Co Says:

    This is the kind of custom retail partnership that I like to see. Experts in their respective industries joining together to create an information source that clearly adds value to a media saturated environment.

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