@PrimeSight LogMeIn Shows Client Media Files

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If this were an isolated incident we could maybe forgive it but UK outdoor business PrimeSight really need to re-think their technology infrastructure and perhaps more importantly their technology people…

One of our regular ‘stringers’ (so we know this is real) was driving home Wednesday evening in London, around 17:30 and saw the PrimeSight digital billboard at Vauxhall Cross.

Someone had logged in via LogMeIn, and for the 10 minutes that our stringer was stuck in traffic the ‘tech’ staff were (obviously) busily fixing a problem with their software.

Folder structures including clients’ media files were checked as well as the configuration files for the signage itself AND all this was done in glorious view of everyone looking up at the screen!

2 Responses to “@PrimeSight LogMeIn Shows Client Media Files”

  1. Dave Says:

    That is a common thing, seeing things like this where people are “working” on the players and you see what they are doing, It is Embarrassing to see especially when your in the industry, it is very easy to avoid this when you design the system and would only cost about $100 in additional cost.

    At least it doesn’t have a DVD logo jumping around the screen

  2. Pete Says:

    Even worse are the outfits that don’t have remote access to their sites, and send a bloke in a van round with a USB keyboard and mouse whenever anything needs doing, and a USB stick with the client’s media on. Crazy that they’re doing this in 2012, but it does happen, my mate is one of those blokes in vans.


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