Follow The #DSInvestor Speakers On Twitter

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Steve Nesbit and I (co-chairs) want to help set the tone for audience participation at #DSInvestor whether that be during the two day event in October or indeed pre-conference, so …

Mark Boidman Ajay Chowdhury Philip Cohen John Muszynski Jeff Dowell Brian Dusho Bill Gerba Kurt C. Hall Dirk Huelsermann Ahmad N. Ouri Thomas Opdycke Chris Polos Eric Zinterhofer

@ComQi @philipmcohen @jefftdowell @bdusho / @BroadSign @billgerba @dhuelsermann / @NEC_Display_EU @chrispolos / @VeriFone_Media

If you want to follow any of our speakers on twitter then simply use the lists above and match up those in bold who have supplied us with their personal and / or business twitter with their details below that.

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