Impact Media (Brazil) Looking For 3D Partners

Chris Sheldrake

Continuing our theme of Brazil related stories, err we have a theme?, Ed Dr. Michael Kronenberg from Impact Media Ltda. in Brazil sent us this through – he is looking for partners to help his expansion in a number of key regions.

Impact Media are the leading combined 2D/3D digital signage provider in Brazil – they produce their our own technology, software and hardware (in terms of 3D displays).

They have a broad experience in 3D digital signage, 3d animation and network management with various clients. Michael told us…

Why 3D TVs? There is quantitative studies that prove attention span and recall rates 4 times higher than conventional (2D) media. Hollywood is pushing 3D into the cinemas and consequently in the near future into the homes.

We are looking to expand our global coverage in key markets. Therefore, we are seeking qualified and experienced representatives in various countries with strong background and contacts in the media, digital signage, publicity agencies, event organizers, etc.

Typical applications are likely to be as follows: –

  • upgrade of current 2D networks into next generation 3D technology
  • point of sales projects
  • retailing, airports, shopping malls, public transports, banks, bars / clubs, hotels, exhibition centers, government agencies, airlines, stadiums, metro, etc.
  • events and product launches
  • medical / surgery / dentist applications
  • security applications
  • corporate TV / digital communication channels

Impact Media tell us they had strong growth in 2008 and are convinced that they can transfer the opportunity in other countries via a sustainable and focused partnership!

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