Viscom Italia 2012 Dismal Failure For Digital Signage

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Visual Communication Italia 2012 that finished up on Saturday was a huge disappointment for anyone who went and wanted to go see digital signage.

The event, held 4 – 6 October in Milan saw just three ‘digital signage’ exhibitors – two German and one Korean.

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  1. Beppe Andrianò Says:

    Hello Adrian,

    In fact this was one of the most frequent question I received in our AssoDS booth during ViscomItalia in Milano.

    Surely are a crisis effect. Also many of the historical booth are not present this year and seems like the Viscom organization decided to put more attention on the traditional printing world + new makers wave than the new technologies.

    But we are sure next year we can do more. We need to start a process to maintain/have one location where all the industry can be visibile also in our country.

    Also the exbibition/fair concept are recently in discussion.

    Seems work much better (and less expensive sometimes) the one/two day event more focused on specific market area like what happened one week before in Turin during the ITNExpo around smart cities.

    In the meanwhile Viscom arranged some good forums with new perspective about DS (Microsoft, Epson and University of Milano had some speech) then not fully bad.

    We always be grateful to Viscom because AssoDS born there during Viscom2010 and they always give us attention and help and We will do our best to make Viscom2013 a surely more successful event.

    If we want to look positive we have to consider that each single booth of the show have at least one or more Monitor to tell stories about their products.. is not pure Digital Signage but is a sign that dinamic content is appreciated also in the standard printed world..

    And at the end we found 4 more members for the association then we have to be fully satisfied from the event.

    Thank you to opened the discussion around the medium “exhibition”.

    Beppe Andrianò
    AssoDS president

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