Not-To-Be-Missed #DSInvestor Sessions

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, I believe that attendants at the Digital Signage Investor Conference in New York next week will have lots to talk about, with two of the heavyweights on the agenda stirring up excitement on numerous topics.

  • Adrian Cotterill, our own esteemed editor-in-chief of DailyDOOH and co-chair of the event with Steve Nesbit, managing director of Prestonwood Trail Holdings, will be kicking off Day Two with a presentation on ‘Five undeniable truths about our business‘. Cotterill, who backs his opinions with extensive knowledge of the industry but whose opinions also sometimes cause controversy, will be talking about some of the maladies that face the industry as he sees it, and, further, why most of the big corporations get it wrong. This should be an exciting session that’s bound to cause a lot of talk.
  • And if that isn’t enough, the audience had better not plan on leaving early, because the ‘Mighty’ Phil Cohen will be ending day two with a case study from Care Media Holdings on ‘Why Is the Healthcare Vertical Profitable and What Can Investors Learn from It?‘ Cohen, president & CEO, of Care Media Holdings, Tampa, is familiar to most of the industry with his ‘video rants’ as well as being vice-chair of the Digital Signage Federation, always has strong opinions, so it should be an all-around fun session as well as a good learning experience.

If you haven’t registered yet, NOW is the time to do so and (hopefully) see you in New York!

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