Ten Reasons To Fly To NYC Monday

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This time last year saw 30 additional people register for our #DSInvestor conference over the weekend, immediately before the event itself (on the Tuesday back in 2011) so we know that many of you make trip / conference / spending decisions at the last minute!

If you dithering about whether to come to New York next week for any of the events on offer (for an exhaustive list, click here) let me give you a few reasons why you should be there: –

  1. On Tuesday, 500 industry people will congregate at the New York Hilton in Midtown, for the DPAA Digital Media Summit. Forget the fact that there are probably too many panel sessions for your liking (well, for our liking anyway), this is a fantastic opportunity to network with your industry peers
  2. Labs, Labs and more Labs. Several New York City based Labs are opening their doors to the industry folks in the Big Apple that week. Some are private viewings and some are public – like, what will be, a magnificent Monday evening with Barco LiveDots at the Barco Demo Center, Niles Creative Studio down on Broadway (including, we heard Friday morning, a Grand Piano)
  3. Drink Drink Drink, errr we mean Cocktail Receptions. We are losing count of the networking opportunities during that week. There are not one, not two but sometimes three cocktail receptions of an evening! (NEC even have two; one on Tuesday and another on the Wednesday)
  4. Free stuff. It’s not just our own publishing arm (the Ministry of New Media in case you were wondering) that’s giving away free stuff but you will have to come to NYC to find out what exactly. Copies of DOOH Insights: 2008 to 2012 will be part of the tote bags at both the DPAA and the Investor events
  5. Learning If you need to show this post to your boss to get permission to come then we should of course make mention that it is not all just play, free stuff, drinks cocktail receptions, networking etc BUT some serious learning will also take place. With so many speakers over the three conference days it’s hard to pick out the best but we have high hopes for the Creative Keynote on Tuesday 14:00 by Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro and on the Wednesday if you are attending #DSInvestor Searchlight Capital’s Eric Zinterhofer will be a must listen to if you are interested in raising money
  6. Product Launches Rumours of several companies either doing a proper product launch or a soft launch that week so it’s not just media, there’s a lot of ‘tech’ on show as well (ditto: in DPAA’s Media Lab)
  7. Fringe events The PRN Upfront (PRN is now IZON Media of course) was once a mainstay, and one of the MAJOR highlights of the week. It’s a shame that this year IZON Media’s event is a lot more low key (and it’s a shame we have to chuck it in the section ‘Fringe events’) but it’s typical of many of the more private but incredibly important events on the periphery of the two major conferences propping up the week. These events are no less important than the others.
  8. The Press Okay, so we hear that Sixteen:Nine’s Dave Haynes cannot make it to New York next week but there will be plenty of other members of the journalistic community that you can buy a drink for, tell ’em your story and get them to cover your business!
  9. And if you are one of the hundred people who have already registered for the #DSInvestor conference you will of course get to hear part two of ein Mann, der einen Hund rettet!

Reason #10 was going to be New York Comic Con but that started yesterday, finishes Sunday and all of the tickets are sold out!

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  1. Dave Haynes Says:

    Thanks for the mention and sorry, no, can’t get there. Too much shakin’ at the moment. Will be reading all the coverage, though!

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