#ContextMatters Town Hall Recommendations

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

While there were numerous panels during the Digital Place-based Advertising Association’s Digital Media Summit yesterday, it was the final one during which several members of the DPAA Board traded (sometimes conflicting) ideas on ways that can hinder or help the digital place-based media sector to grow that kept us awake.

The four were: Pierre Richer, president, NEC Display Solutions; John Muszynski, chief investment officer, SMG X; Lee Doyle, president, client development, Mindshare; and David Krupp, president, Kinetic U.S.

In no particular order, here are some of their comments:

“There’s too much focus on the media ‘being bought’ and not enough on ‘giving plans’.”

“You need to get more into the advertiser’s products and plans so that you can offer ‘experiences’.”

“There’s not always a match between the sales offering presented and the advertiser’s needs.”

“There’s a need for collaboration in the industry.”

“Place-based media has to say why it matters, and how it relates to other media.”

“There’s already so much basic data available. Now we should be looking more at the behaviour of the consumer and how your media can interact with that consumer.”

“Will chief marketing officers help us understand what we need to show on the data side?”

“Show examples of how your media worked in other situations.”

“Don’t be comfortable with the research that you currently have. You must continue to move forward.”

“Are we spending too much time on things that don’t matter?”

“Are clients helping us?”

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