PayPal Campaign Featuring Jeff Goldblum

JP Biamby

PayPal has just launched it first ever fully, integrated national marketing campaign in the US that with the help of actor Jeff Goldblum.

The campaign includes a set of funny videos featuring Mr. Goldblum offers a humorous take on the experiences of making purchases online or in stores and what the advantages of are by using PayPal’s new “One Way to Pay.”

The objective of the campaign is to let consumers know that by using PayPal they will have one simple easy way to pay.

With their new in-store check out shoppers can use PayPal to make purchases in the store by using just their mobile number and PIN.

This campaign seems to be aimed at those supporters of mobile wallet technologies, however PayPal’s position is that technology is not the point and that they are focused on making the lives of their customers easier so the consumer can spend more time doing what they want to do.

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