Swedish Travel Agency Airtours Flagship Store

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Yet another flagship store installs digital signage as standard (we have a nice story on Monday from our Paris correspondent about The Sony Style store there) and here we see Digiframe Media deliver signagelive to the Airtours travel agency in Stockholm.

It’s a 7 screen installation, both in-window and in-store and with it Airtours provides dynamic and up to date in-store marketing.

Daniel Aarenstrup, CEO and founder of Digiframe Media told us “Working with signagelive and a SaaS concept was a charm when dealing with a company like Airtours. They had a clear vision and understanding of what they wanted to achieve. With their current in-house knowledge and experience on dynamic flash all they needed was the right tools to turn it into a great digital signage solution”.

About Airtours

Airtours is Swedens 5th largest travel agent with 10 years in the business and over 100,000 satisfied customers every year.

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