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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Just out of interest we revisited an old post here (first published in March 2015) where we listed all those vendors who were trying to play in the Automated Audience Measurement space (for crowd control, digital signage, DOOH, security etc.).

The top two are Miami, FL based AdMobilize and Paris based, Quividi. Quividi of course were the very original pioneers in the field of automated audience measurement – we remember visiting them in Paris back in 2006 when they had just started their business.

In alphabetical product (not company name) order here are those we know about, many of whom are now no longer trading…

We’ve included above those that have been EOL’ed, have gone Tango Uniform, or otherwise have gone dark / quiet.

7 Responses to “Audience Measurement Solutions”

  1. Observant Observer Says:

    I’m not sure that Intel’s AIM suite is still in the running. It’s odd that their twitter feed dried up in mid-August – exactly two years after Intel acquired Cognovision. Intel used to produce three or four press releases a month, and yet we’ve not seen a new one since the end of July. Odd?

  2. Commenter Says:

    Looks like their twitter feed came back to life in November.

  3. Eric Moreno Says:

    first of all sorry if my english is not good, but I’ll do my best,
    which is better: AIM suite or Trumedia?? or are they different in some fields?? or which system is the best in the market??

    also, are the 4 blocks of age groups the same for all the automated audience measurement companies??? and by that I mean the average ages not the segments( under 16, 16-34, 36-64 and 65-older) because it seems to me these are very wide averages…

    Thanks for your time
    and by the way it is a very useful site for me (bet for many people too)

  4. Leo Kivijarv Says:

    You missed StudioIMC, which came into existence in the US market around the time of Quividi. It still exists, but has moved away from facial recognition and more into mobile and interactive software mesurement, including some of the billboards in Times Square and movie screens.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    PicLab’s 27Faces

  6. Anonymous Says:

    There is also Correlance

  7. Anonymous2 Says:

    Kee Square seems not active

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