121VIEW’s InterFace Viewer Validation Tool

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

More details are emerging about 121VIEW‘s InterFace Viewer Validation Tool that we first spoke about a few weeks ago

First, it looks like they have developed it in house and secondly they claim it will work with many of the standard web based cameras on the market (the business model that Quividi use but of course the opposite of what Trumedia do).

One flaw we feel with this latter approach in respect of 121VIEW is that they will need to find a wide range of web cameras that have Linux drivers. Not an easy task we believe.

It’s not clear either, whether this tool will work with other signage systems or only works or is designed to work with 121VIEW.

[Amsterdam, 29 January 2008] Leading Linux-based digital signage provider 1-2-1VIEW is launching its groundbreaking InterFaceTM Viewer Validation Tool at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam this week.

Developed in-house by 1-2-1VIEW, InterFaceTM is based on unique Viewership Validation technology that accurately tracks quantity and duration of viewership in real time across a digital signage network.

1-2-1VIEW InterFaceTM provides sought after viewership data as opposed to relying on estimates or paid surveys, enabling network operators to charge a premium for advertising space and maximise their network’s effectiveness.

Operating with most common webcam brands, InterFaceTM enables multiple cameras to be linked to get a wider or semi-panoramic viewing angle to cover larger audience areas to give operators maximum flexibility.

InterFaceTM is fully integrated with 1-2-1VIEW’s turnkey hardware/software digital signage system and requires no separate hardware set up.

It allows seamless cross-referencing of viewership data with playlist and reporting data to provide both network operators and advertisers with crucial decision making tools to increase network and advertising effectiveness.

The InterFaceTM Viewer Validation tool will be showcased at 1-2-1VIEW’s booth K134 which is located between halls 1 and 6.

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  1. Bill Gerba Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    As a quick point, these days getting drivers for most webcams is no longer a problem for Linux users. Literally hundreds are supported out-of-the-box, as are virtually all higher-end cameras that connect via FireWire.

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