New Digital Diversity Network Plans Cloud Gathering Symposium

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’ve only recently learned of the formation of the Digital Diversity Network (DDN), a new, national trade association focused on advancing diversity in leadership and ownership in the digital media and hi-tech industries.

Founded this year, DDN has a specific emphasis on recruitment, leadership development and pipeline expansion, and works to ensure that the hi-tech producer/earner economy mirrors the demographics of key consumer/user groups. While primarily an on-line community, the DDN will engage members and sponsoring companies through high-level leadership forums, on-line education, social media and networking events

DDN has announced its first event, a ‘Cloud Gathering’ Conference: Connecting Diverse Talent to the Hi-Tech Economy, to be held at The New York Times Conference Center November 14. This inaugural DDN event, targeted to everyone interested in influencing diversity in the hi-tech sector, comprises a highly diverse assembly of industry experts. Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, inventors and financiers will share strategies and tactics for professional breakthroughs, business growth and development from across a broad spectrum of mobile, digital, social and hi-tech entities.

Among the many speakers, we notice Dhanusha Sivajee, head of Global Marketing Bloomberg Mobile; Jonathan Carson, CEO, Digital Nielsen; Emily Anadu, director product marketing, Zynga; and many others.

See here for information on the Cloud Gathering Conference

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