MediaVest and Millennial Media Announce Global Data Partnership

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Baltimore-based Millennial Media, mobile advertising and data firm, has made a strategic partnership with MediaVest to provide data and technology assets to MediaVest’s global client base.

Under terms of the partnership, MediaVest will gain unique access to Millennial Media’s leading proprietary data set and the ability to beta-test new mobile advertising technology with its clients.

MediaVest will also gain access to Millennial Media’s ‘Audience Insight’ reports, where brand advertisers can see data on the impact their campaigns made on over 600 real-world consumer audience categories. MediaVest clients will then be able to leverage the data and insights to optimize ad spend in both online and offline media.

Among current MediaVest clients are: The Coca-Cola Company, Comcast, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and more. The clients will have access to the full data suite on the Millennial Media advertising platform. As new technology solutions come out, MediaVest clients will serve as alpha and beta partners, and will play a key role in determining the evolution of specific products.

“MediaVest has been a leader in leveraging data and insights to drive ROI for its clients,” says Marcus Startzel, general manager, North America, Millennial Media. “As agencies like MediaVest continue to invest in mobile technology, they will better position clients to capitalize on consumers’ shift to media consumption through mobile channels.”

“The rich data available in mobile will help us to achieve greater insights and results for our clients,” sys Amanda Richman, president of digital, MediaVest. “By leveraging Millennial Media’s data sets, we can accelerate and validate the reach, engagement and ROI of mobile.”

Millennial Media’s data asset is powered by a leading suite of SDK’s currently embedded in over 38,000 sites and apps. The Millennial Media platform handles billions of data points per month, and as new data enters into the platform, real-world consumer audiences are constantly added and refined.

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