Happy Valentine’s Day from Tesco

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dunnhumby will have made a decision on who will take over the content creation and scheduling for Tesco Screens by February 13th and so it will be a very Happy Valentine’s Day for someone!!

The very tight but professional looking schedule over the next 6 weeks for the RFP looks like this: –

2 – 16 January: Q&A

25 January: Written Submission deadline

31 January: Shortlist decision

1 – 5 February: Further Q&A with shortlist companies

6, 7 February: Presentation meetings

13 February: Decision

Dunnhumby also point out…

What submission materials are expected?

A written document outlining the company’s credentials and experience. A showreel DVD containing examples of creative work that are relevant to the Tesco Screens zones and the supermarket environment as laid out in the specification document.

What is expected at the presentation meeting?

An hour and a half meeting for presentation and discussion. At this meeting we will expect to discuss costs and rates in detail.

They also indicate that only 6 applicants will be selected for the shortlist…

“Due to the number of bidders, we will be unable to meet everybody. We will choose a shortlist of 6 companies based on the submission materials”

We don’t know who is going to win (obviously) but have a very good idea of the sort of company that will (and it won’t, we think, be what everyone expects).

Good luck to all who have applied!!

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