Designing & Evangelizing Your Digital Signage Project

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Secrets to Designing & Evangelizing Your Digital Signage Project‘ is the title of a one hour free webinar at 2pm Nov. 29, being put on by DSE‘s Digital Signage Connection at 2pm EDT, on Thursday, Nov. 29/12.

During this webinar, Mike Hiatt, president of Dynamic Retailing, and formerly business leader and strategist for WalMart’s in-store Smart Network, will share his first-hand experience, which includes …

  1. How to use research methodologies to design, substantiate and advance such a project;
  2. The differences between a proof of concept and a pilot test;
  3. How to leverage the three steps of customer adoption;
  4. How to build network architecture that will last.

Registration is free online here.

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