AccentHealth Acquires Havas’ Impact Wallboard Business

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

AccentHealth, New York-based health education television waiting room network, with award-winning programming provided by CNN, has purchased the patient education wallboard business of Havas’ Impact division.

We spoke to Dan Stone, CEO, and Andrew Schulman, vice-president marketing and communications at AccentHealth, who told us that the buy effectively more than doubles the company’s presence from 12,300 offices and 44,000 doctors, allowng it to now reach 26,000 offices and over 63,000 doctors.

The acquisition solidifies AccentHealth’s leadership position at the point-of-care. Specifically, the acquisition adds substantial reach to AccentHealth’s existing ‘health panel’ media business with engaging, graphical wall-mounted displays that showcase relevant, advertiser-supported educational content around health and wellness-related topics.

These former Havas products are currently static print, 25% of which is advertising, but Schulman says that they are looking at making them interactive with augmented reality or other technology offerings.

AccentHealth’s digital TV screens carry content targeting five different medical offices: obstetrics/gynecology, pediatics, general practice, specialty rheumatology, and a group designated as ‘silver’, treating various problems often affecting the elderly, such as diabetes. The content runs on a two hour loop. AccentHealth features its award-winning waiting room television network, reaching over 172 million annual viewers with programming produced by CNN’s Medical Unit and co-hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Robin Meade.

“We play in the point-of-care space,” says Stone. “This could include hospitals, pharmacies and clinics, but our focus to now is doctors’ offices.”

The products of both companies are specifically in doctors’ offices, and AccentHealth’s management can foresee adding its screens in locations where the Havas products are located and vice versa.

“We have a good sales team, so this would require only minimal staff increase,” says Stone.

The company will also be launching a suite of new cross-platform interactive products, complementing AccentHealth’s existing digital waiting room television network. This will provide new and unique promotional opportunities to advertising partners while further informing patients and enhancing the overall patient experience.

”Havas has built a valuable network reaching patients and doctors in a broad range of offices,” says Stone. “The acquisition allows us to expand not only our existing health panel business, but our in-office media platform as a whole. We have always been committed to providing the best patient education experience for our viewers, their doctors, and for marketers. This expansion continues that commitment.”

It also meets marketing partners search for both targeting capability and scale.

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