God Is Most Great. God Is Most Great…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Coverage of this story on other sites did not do this installation justice at all so we thought we would ask for some more pictures and do it properly.

First off, no mention anywhere (else) that the ‘Houses of Worship‘ marketplace is absolutely huge business in the US and indeed, especially with AV, projection systems and increasingly digital signage. The clever chaps at Net Display Systems obviously realised that there is similar potential in the Middle East and here we see them with a big rollout, and set to get bigger in the UAE.

Worshipers will be able to view information on all aspects of the Islamic faith mixed with specific day-to-day activities relating to their local mosque across The United Arab Emirates. Lectures from other principal mosques will also form a part of the weekly schedule as the system is used to help promote awareness of Islamic moderation and tolerance.

Net Display Systems’ PADS 3.1 Professional Platform has already been installed in 300 mosques with a further 250 mosques lined up in the first phase of a project which may eventually involve 5,000 licences.

We believe that this is the LARGEST digital signage roll out in The United Arab Emirates to date.

Mark Leo, responsible for NDS business development in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region told us “We are confident that the project will benefit the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to effectively communicate to worshipers across the Emirates”

Interestingly local systems integrator Alpha Data used PADS to replace a previously installed Scala IC3 solution.

Net Display Systems Middle East, a strategic alliance between Gulf Commercial Group and Net Display Systems BV, The Netherlands managed the customisation and integration of PADS 3.1 Professional using their team of software engineers managed by Mr. Radwan El Zein and Ahmad Mohammad from their Dubai offices. Commenting on the project.

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  1. Perry Korse Says:

    No question about it, the Worship market sector is huge. Onexum Corporation (1xm for short) exhibited its product line at the Infocomm in Anaheim with Chyron and I was amazed then about the strong presence of the Worship sector around the world. It promted us to become a member of the Dubai Procurement Network. Last week, in Los Angeles, CA, I had the opprtunity of discussing the powerful PADS 3.1 with Bjorn Peiper, Internat’l Marketing Manager for NDS, who was on wirhlwind tour across North America. 1xm is will be at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas next month.

    Perry Korse, President & CEO, Onexum Corporation

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