Trumedia’s DSP Product to be launched at Screen Expo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have just learnt that Trumedia will be showing off their new DSP based iCapture product at Screen Expo (see them on Stand: P63).

Their stand is slightly bigger than last year and they will be demonstrating all of their iCapture variants as well as doing some demos with the Scala platform and their (relatively new) proactive merchandising (what they call PROM) solution – this is where the iCapture cameras can feedback information to the signage solution players so that the signage solution can change content on demand (for example; target content for predominantly male / female or change content segment lengths depending on lots of people / long queue / small queue etc etc.).

There are also rumours of a big deployment of the DSP product in Europe which should be announced (we will be interested to see how many DSPs are bought vs how many players there are in the network – i..e what the ratio of audience measurement devices to venues is).

The DSP product measures 152mm L x 107mm D x 54mm H (the advantages of such a small device for networks that want to deploy audience measurement solutions on a large scale should be obvious) and of course it also means that Trumedia no longer need Windows based PCs to drive their cameras.

A non PC based offering (for camera systems) is a first and a real coup for the automated audience measurement industry and as long as it is accompanied with a drop in price we may see more of these systems being deployed.

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