QMI Agency Chosen By Pattison Outdoor

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Pattison Outdoor Advertising has chosen QMI Agency newswire service, to become its primary content provider for its national digital network.

Selected to ensure Canadian consumers enjoy top quality news coverage and unsurpassed feed, QMI Agency is supplying more than 120 articles daily, broadcasting on Pattison screens. The bilingual news service offers a vast diversity of stories covering key areas such as national, local and political news, as well as sports and entertainment. More than 80% of the stories have photos to further improve consumers’ experience.

“We chose QMI for the depth, quality and originality of its services,” says Cam Milne, general manager, place-based media, Pattison Outdoor. “Initially, QMI’s content is being seen on the 1,000 screens at our office building digital network of 863 buildings. We’re considering whether to add it to our residential network of 644 buildings, one screen per lobby near the elevators.”

Milne says that the content (edited as short clips with photos) can include national and local news and information, targeted to the regions and divided into day parts, developed to gain customer engagement and all managed from Pattison’s Mississauga office using proprietary management software.

QMI content will not be used in the subway systems which use CP24 news content, nor on digital billboards nor, at this time, on digital properties in Toronto’s ‘Path’ or food courts.

“Pattison Outdoor Advertising chose QMI Agency as its newswire of choice based on the scale and reach of our network,” says Philippe Mercure, QMI Agency marketing director. “Canadians want to stay up-to-date about the latest events while reading news tailored to their own market.”

Pattison has joined a growing list of corporate and media subscribers to the QMI Agency newswire service. This agreement coincides with Pattison launching a new version of its digital content platform, which sports a brand new design allowing Pattison to feed more local content and extensive visual components.

“This relationship between a leading national print/web publisher and an Outdoor company is a first, and will ensure the highest level of coverage possible on our networks,” says Milne. “Seven days a week, 24 hrs a day, PATTISON screens will feature up-to-the-minute news headlines and photos. This content strategy represents anm unmatched investment by Pattison to ensure our content enhances the user experience on our digital networks.”

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