Twas’ The Night Before (Lots of Travel)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

By the time you are reading this I should be winging my way between continents, going from +24 degrees to a chilly -11 and whilst it’s strange for me to give a weekend style commentary mid-week, with the festive season approaching I thought it was as good a time as any to type a stream of consciousness on what is becoming an eventful end to the year AND an exciting start to the next.

In no particular order, here goes:-

  • It’s going to be very interesting to watch the Wireless Ronin stock price the next 7 days. Post reverse split as it is now, the key will be to see if it finds a new floor
  • The acquisition of Symon Communications, Inc. by RMG Networks caught everyone by surprise. It’s going to be curious to watch the filings now that they are public. People will want to see (or at least get an idea) what both ended up selling for
  • We know of two other mergers that will likely be announced pre February 2013. They are not RMG Networks related (more acquisitions from the new NASDAQ:CM company is simply a given)
  • NCR, fresh from yet another acquisition (last was Retalix For $650 Million) seem intent on buying (or attempting to buy) everything in sight. Watch this space
  • We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung do / announce something soon. By our reckoning they have been in the process this past year hiring 80+ people in North America alone. There are some big rumours swirling around as to what they might be up to. One thing is for certain and that’s that those who purely manufacture glass are (rightly) scared to death at the prospect of whatever it is

If I don’t totally freeze my b***s off in Kiev, readers may get some more posts over the next 48 hours before we retire for Xmas proper!

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