By Pressing Down A Special Key, It Plays A Little Melody

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I am adding And subtracting

I am adding And subtracting

So Casio Computer Co. Ltd.’s latest cutting-edge technology is a flat ladyTM (announced at the beginning of this week at #CES, see our original news of the press briefing which promised a lot more, here).

“Driving this exciting new business is Casio Signage, a newly developed, powerful tool for helping store owners gain an edge over their competition by attracting more new and repeat customers” says the official release.

It hardly raises the industry bar or “bring(s) digital signage to a whole new level” (as claimed).

We first covered 3M’s Virtual Brand Ambassador back in November 2008 and Virtual Mannequins, Flat Ladies etc have been in constant use by the likes of 3M, MediaZest and others for many years.

TM Dave Haynes, Sixteen-Nine. See his latest post ‘Casio Brings Talking Flat People (And Things) To Retail Counters’

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