Free Digital Signage Software Just Became Expensive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

All of a sudden the so-called free digital signage software (in the majority of cases it should be referred to as ‘crippled‘ – i.e. free because features are disabled and the software is limited in scope) has become rather expensive.

s3mer, inc. who we last wrote about in May 2008 has just announced its pricing.

Giovanni Collazo co-founder and president of s3mer, inc. told us “We are very excited about the new possibilities of s3mer. This is the first time that small business owners will have the chance to take full advantage of dynamic digital signage technology. Our product is powerful yet simple to use and very affordable.” – we think that Giovanni’s definition of ‘affordable’ is somewhat different to ours!

The s3mer pro SaaS solution is USD 60 a month for EACH pro player!!!

That has got to be 2 – 3 times more expensive than something like BroadSign’s or STRATACACHE’s SaaS pricing and maybe as much as 8 times more expensive than signagelive.

We don’t think there will be many takers at that price.

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