‘Real-Time Crap Detection’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As Ken Goldberg tweeted yesterday, we quote “Sometimes an unfollow will give you a chuckle” and Friday we had to LOL as well, with a couple of our very own email unsubscriptions.

Here’s a simple piece of advice to the executive team at Immersive Labs, if you don’t want people to laugh at you and think that you are cheapskates without a penny to your name don’t issue press releases attempting to give the impression that you are somehow involved with #CES when all you are doing is trying to grab meetings whilst you attend with 200,000 punters.

On a separate note, we noticed almost 30 email goneaways today with our emailer out. Maybe corporate IT folks and email system managers were having a clear out for the New Year but that’s quite a high number of people moves / (in some instances) company failures.

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