#ISE2013 The Past, Present And Future Of Megapixel Display

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Christie is Gold sponsor of the first ever #ISE2013 Megapixel Summit and has the honour of kicking off proceedings at 10am on Monday 28 January.

George Tsintzouras

George Tsintzouras

In its presentation entitled The Past, Present and Future of Megapixel Displays, George Tsintzouras, Senior Director, New Business Initiatives, will be providing an overview of the technologies at play, the applications of today that require such vast amounts of pixels, and a look at what lies ahead.

George Tsintzouras tells us that he will look at de-mystifying the art and science behind giant pixel canvases, aim to share knowledge with the community of the elements that make up these display solutions and impart some vision for the future of where these displays and the business will go.

It’s our understanding that his presentation will focus in particular on the reasons why megapixel displays are so interesting and exciting in today’s AV world.

George will cover the needs for pixels in a variety of markets, including in Education, Corporate, Entertainment and Museums. The technologies, along with the players will be the central point of the presentation, before discussing the dilemma of having temporary megapixel displays for entertainment, and what is being done to turn them into fixed installations.

Christie will also have on hand two stacked HD14K-M edge-blended projectors to create an exciting 3456×1080 resolution display, as well as a Christie Spyder X20 video processor which will manage and control content to various displays.

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