#ISE2013 Hashtag Analysis

Andrew Neale

As we now know, the attendance for #ISE2013 was up 8% on last year (see ‘#ISE2013 Grows Again (44,151 Official Attendance)‘. If this doesn’t seem to be quite as impressive as the previous two years (2012 was 17% up over 2011, and 2011 was up 22% up on 2010), then just look at the Twitter figures below.

Pretty much all the totals are nearly double compared to 2012, and the total impressions this year was nearly tripled!

#ISE2013 hashtag analysis for last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 7,285
No. of Twitter impressions: 11,319,936
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 1,424

Top Ten:

No Name No of Tweets
1 @rAVePubs 717
2 @DailyDOOH 216
3 @WomeninAV 168
4 @NEC_Display_EU 107
5 @AVMag 96
6 @radvision 68
7 @PrysmLPD 67
8 @Signagelive 66
9 @JPLilleyAV 62
10 @PremierMounts 62

ISE had, over the last two or three years, been slower than other shows to build Twitter traffic around the show hashtag. Some mooted that it was a European thing, but then we saw the broadcast sector show IBC (also held in Amsterdam) more than out-do its US counterpart NAB, which showed that Europeans were more than capable of engaging.

We conclude from all this that the AV sector in Europe is all of a sudden catching up in a big way, and maybe hinting that ISE’s reach is actually rather more global than might be thought.

Source: aka.tv

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