TruMedia PROM Integrated into dZine DISplayer

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TruMedia seem to have pulled out completely in having any of their own stands at shows this year. Remember that great location they had at Screen Media Expo Europe last year? Yep, the one right by the main entrance that EVERYONE had to walk by – well guess who snapped it up when they pulled out? Yep WuTuTu, i.e. one of their competitors!!

Anyway, one convenient one to get to a show if you are not willing to pay for your own space is to partner with someone else and make an announcement just before the show,

Here we see TruMedia’s PROM integrated into dZine’s DISplayer – the third such software vendor having now signed up for it (Scala of course were the first – mind you we haven’t yet heard of any Scala customers making use of the proactive advertising features)…

The Smart Scheduling system changes the actual playing content depending on the gender and age of the person(s) in front of the display. Conditions can be imposed so the right content is played depending on the number of genders or ages.

The TruMedia-dZine solution can be seen on the dZine booth at ISE, Hall 11, booth 11 G 82 and will be well worth a look, even if it is to compare it with what Quividi also offer.

The AM marketplace is going to change big time, just wait til’ you see what Intel are starting to integrate onto some of their chips.

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