Mark Leo No Longer At Grassfish

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One rumour at #ISE2013 last week, which we can confirm, was that Mark Leo is no longer with Grassfish Marketing Technologies.

Based on obfuscation we received by email from the Grassfish executive team late last year, he probably left them in November 2012 or even earlier.

He joined Grassfish at the tail end of 2011 as sales and marketing director (we wrote about it here) after a couple of months in a consultancy role restructuring their sales and marketing function.

Mark has now worked his way through a number of digital signage companies, including roles at Net Display Systems, dimedis and now Grassfish.

6 Responses to “Mark Leo No Longer At Grassfish”

  1. Mark Leo Says:

    Adrian, let me clarify for you. I was diagnosed with a serious health issue in late September that required all my energy away from work to recuperate. Fortunately I have regained my health and have started a new role this week. I’m interested to know what your criteria for a serial job seekers actually is? You wouldn’t be inculding yourself in that criteria, would you?

  2. Echnaton Birkmann Says:

    To elaborate the clarification: Mark was one of the most pleasant coworkers I have ever encountered. He did an outstanding job on restructuring the sales and marketing processes and his unfortunate health issue was a serious setback for the entire team! We all would have wished for things to work out but sometimes life doesn’t play by your rules…

    Mark: All the best in your new role! I’m convinced that you will do just as an amazing job as you did in your former team.

  3. Helmut Pfeiler Says:

    Adrian, I fully have to agree with Echnaton. It was a pleasure to have Mark in the team.
    We felt very sorry for his health issue and the fact that he left the company.
    Mark, all the best and congrats for your new job. Any details already to publish?

  4. Sebastian Stoiber Says:

    I worked at the same company as Mark I feel that I can comment fairly. He was demanding, successful, very fair and great fun to be with at work and outside. His team and co-workers respected him lots and there were business results too. All were upset when he got sick. Now that he is better again, we wish him every success in his new bigger job and responsibility. I don’t think it’s right to call him a serial job seeker. DS expert is true. Mark moved on to a bigger opportunity as most of us want to in our careers. Your comment is not nice or helpful.

  5. Markus Zeugswetter Says:

    Mark did a great job and I am sorry that he is no longer a Grassfish team member.
    @Mark: All the best for the new job and stay healthy

  6. Raffi Vartian Says:

    I had the opportunity to interview with Mark and the team at Grassfish and found him to be highly ethical and passionate. To cast him in this light, especially in lieu of his health concerns, is really beneath you.

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