More on PDC’s AFFICHER ‘Launch’ At #dse2013

Andrew Neale

PDC have 10,000+ signs running Panasonic’s (old) NMStage digital signage software in Japan but AFFICHER is their brand new offering, having been out for about three months or so we believe.

In those three months, an industry source tells us that it has already been installed in 500 locations so far including MIDTOWN TOKYO (a landmark shopping mall in central Tokyo).

The SKYTREE, Haneda Airport, a national rollout with AEON Mall and NEXCO (parking areas on highway) are also scheduled we are told.

PDC is seemingly, aiming to bring AFFICHER to a more global audience, kicking off with a presence at #dse2013 on the Panasonic stand #115.

4 Responses to “More on PDC’s AFFICHER ‘Launch’ At #dse2013”

  1. Francois Johnson Says:

    Clever name, silly idea. So let’s use the verb in a sentence:

    C’est bon pour les imbéciles. Ils ont affiché les résultats peu de temps après.

  2. Russ Curry Says:

    Au contraire – pas de tout convaincu par le nom.
    Ce ne veut rien dire en anglais et on ne sait pas comment le prononcer…

    Qui, appart les français, va comprendre that its really very clever ?

  3. Francois Johnson Says:

    Russ, mon ami… qui, appart les français, are really very clever anyway? Does anyone at these display companies understand history?

  4. Jo Fritzl Says:

    Merde Alors. Lemmings heading to the cliffs yet again. Waiting for their graceless toppling. NM Stage, PIDS from Einstech, AFFICHER.

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