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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Fitzgerald Shurey Tarbuck (FST) who boldly claim* that they are “constructing the content agency of the future” have been doing the marketing planning and content provision for TONI&GUY.TV for almost a year now (since April 2007) and so we thought it was worthwhile having a quick look at them to see how they have got on.

TONI&GUY.TV was previously managed by Fi Ryder’s Cube Music business (later purchased and subsumed by Immedia Broadcasting).

FST, having won the TONI&GUY contract tell us that they, having quickly reviewed the existing channel, immediately set about increasing both the fashion and the TONI&GUY content and doing 2 week instead of 6 week content ‘refreshes’.

At this time also, the supply of the music component of the channel changed to Mood Media.

Publicis Blueprint, who were, let’s be fair doing an awful job of media sales on the network in its previous life lost the media sales role in this instance and it was taken in-house by FST themselves.

FST delivered Nintendo, Nivea, ghd, Australian Tourist Board, L’Oreal and Wella in the latter part of 2007 so they are not doing too badly.

FST tell us that they have been “instructed to roll out the network to Europe” and it will be interesting to see how that progresses in 2008.

Whilst FST actually have a contract to provide and manage all content output through online, print and TV and Media Sales for TONI&GUY, if I were TONI&GUY I think I would be tempted to just opt for i-vu and be part of a bigger hair dressing salon network – there are probably many reasons why TONI&GUY and / or their franchisees wouldn’t want to do that (that we don’t know about).

Mark Fitzgerald from FST argues against that (surprise surprise) and tells us “TONI&GUY screens exist to enhance the salon experience … we only work with 3rd parties that fit the T&G brand … we tend to carry more brand partner business than I-Vu”

There are not that many folks who are putting out as much content as these folks on a 2 week refresh (the Kaleidovision Gala Casino network and Realisation’s work with the 3 Network Store are two networks that immediately spring to mind) – all in all a very nice network and not a bad piece of work for less than 12 months in the job.

*Before making statements like that we think folks ought to have a credible web site 😉

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