What’s Chinese For Glasses Free 3D?

Chris Sheldrake

Alioscopy was one of the 3D systems that we actually quite liked when we saw it last year in Paris and now we see it again at a couple of Chinese airports.

Alioscopy recently signed an agreement with TCL Multimedia – the largest TV manufacturer in China – to equip a number of Chinese airports with 3D screens.

The first installation, shown here is already running in Shenzhen Airport with 9 Alioscopy screens- ,

Guangzhou Airport goes live on 15th March with 29 Alioscopy 3D screens being installed.

The Chinese company Air Media – who owns and manage the main Digital Signage network in 53 airports across China (something like 2000 screens) is also a partner in the project we believe.

Air Media will integrate the Alioscopy screens in its commercial offer and sell 3D airtime to its clients. The offer also includes 3D content creation services to help Chinese advertisers create 3D advertising clips.

Eric Voisin, Managing Director, Alioscopy toold us “The aim of this agreement is to equip – over time – the 30 largest Chinese airports with 3D auto-stereo screens, with a total potential market between 500 and 1000 screens”

About Alioscopy:

Created in 1999, Alioscopy is the technology leader in 3D Auto-Stereo (glasses-free) imaging, for both static and moving images. Alioscopy proposes 24” and 42” LCD 3D screens (for sale or rental) , 3D printed static images, a range of services from 3D content creation to consulting, as well as a software suite dedicated to Auto-stereo 3D. Alioscopy is based in Paris, France, and owns 12 international patents on auto-stereo 3D. Alioscopy has 2 subsidiaries, in the US (San Diego) and in Singapore.

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