#dse2013 Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Samsung‘s Smart Signage Platform was introduced to me by Michael O’Halloran, product manager LFD, and Kevin Schroll, senior manager, product marketing, LFD and digital signage, at #dse2013 in Las Vegas last week.

Michael O'Halloran, Kevin Schroll

Michael O’Halloran, Kevin Schroll

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform is ‘designed to simplify the digital signage deployment process while facilitating the growth of a new application ecosystem with leading software developers and content providers.’

Available on select Samsung large-format displays launching this year, the Smart Signage Platform is built around an embedded media player and software developer kit (SDK).

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform allows developers to create apps that enable seamless delivery of dynamic content and messaging. It is expected to be the delivery mechanism for HTML5 applications.

Samsung’s new SDK for signage software allows software partners to develop customized signage applications suitable for an array of business and user environments. Backed by best-in-breed software developers and solution providers, including Capital Networks, Four Winds Interactive, Scala, Signagelive and Wireless Ronin, customers will have access to signage experts to help create customized solutions.

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform is designed to provide a simpler path to deployment for organizations that are looking to transition from static signage to dynamic digital displays.

Offered to the software community, it is expected to help foster a faster deployment if a company is on the fence about it wants to do.

I was told it is easy to install and maintain and is cost effective. It is expected to evolve further, as well. (For example, it can’t support touch yet.) It is currently available on three series of displays.

As a cloud-based solution, the Smart Signage Platform has the ability to locally or remotely send content from a web server directly to a display. This enables software providers to distribute software updates and changes directly to displays that are connected to the platform, offering customers with a quick and efficient solution for keeping content fresh and targeted for the unique needs of their end users.

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform includes an embedded, high-performance media player which allows users to play back content without the need for a separate PC or set-back box.

The first version is now available for a 30-day trial and test. It is expected to be the delivery mechanism for HTML5 applications.

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