The World’s Biggest Digital Signage Networks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve been asked to put together a list of the world’s ten largest networks and detail what software and screens run them.

We will NOT allow non-networked networks, i.e. any systems that use sneakernet because by our definition they are NOT ‘networks’.

We already have some ideas but we are happy to elicit responses as comments below or in email form from any of our readers.

15 Responses to “The World’s Biggest Digital Signage Networks”

  1. Ronald McDonald Says:

    McDonalds Cafe network in North America is probably over 17,000 installations by now and must surely be one of the largest.

    It’s STRATACACHE using NEC Display Solution’s screens.

  2. The Apprentice Says:

    Amscreen have close to 6,000 across Europe, with several hundred more going into South Africa in the next few months.

  3. Dave Haynes Says:

    Ontario Lottery has, for almost a decade now, had displays at some 9,000 venues, all networked and most on high-speed now. Quebec also has a large network installed in retail partners, but I don’t think it is AS large as Ontario.

    Tim Hortons has, I believe, one PC per menu board screen, and has 3,000-plus stores installed with full digital. So that would be at least 15,000 end-points if I am right on this.

  4. Mr Spock Says:

    Accent Health well over 10,000
    Care Media around 5,000
    Gas Station TV is in about 2,033 stations

  5. Bob Smith Says:

    Isn’t McDs in Canada by EK3?

  6. Russ Curry Says:

    in France, the national lottery, laFrancaise des Jeux, must have a good 20,000 by now

  7. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Bob. McDs in Canada may well be by EK3 but do u know how large it is? The McCafe network Ronald McDonald refers to is the menu board system in the Cafe area of McDs, not the normal menu boards. It is a pretty huge network, though we suspect that STRATACACHE actually have bigger (still) elsewhere.

  8. Daniel Parisien Says:

    What is the criteria here? Because technically, BroadSign is the largest network with (as of last night) 41,189 active player subscriptions and who knows how many screens.

    Some statistics:
    – 1 network over 10,000
    – 6 other networks between 1,000 and 10,000
    – 38 networks between 100 and 1,000
    – Hundreds of networks below 100
    – Last week, a single customer deployed 1769 new player subscriptions in one night. Is that a record?

    I will leave it to the networks that operate on our platform to chime in here for their individual numbers since that it their private information.

  9. Asian #1 Says:

    At DSE 360 in Las Vegas, Band Station’s Outernet TV’s Lyzbeth Cronembold said that in Brazil they had 12.000 screens in Brazil but will have 20.704 screens by Dec 2013

  10. Loo Quatorze Says:

    Does a row of urinals count for each screen, or is that only one location? I’ll be pissed if I do not get credit for our engaging glass over porcelain installs! If we are snubbed, I shall not be able to shake it off!

  11. Cervantes Says:

    The biggest network in Spain is Canal LAE (Spanish Lottery) with 8.500 stores (one screen per store).

    The project has been developed by STL (Sistemas Técnicos de Loterías, a company owned by LAE) with Onthespot software (Telefónica).

    Screen hardware is not the same in all the stores, it’s a mix from Samsung, Panasonic, and NEC Display Solutions.

  12. Roi Iglesias Says:

    Cervantes is right, is the biggest net in Spain… 🙂

    Lottery in Europe has also big networks: Norsk Tipping, La Francaise de Jeux…

  13. Analyst Says:

    Sounds like you are looking for largest by count of screens, however may I suggest there also be a notation for largest by number of people reached in 30 days. Though one does imply the other, they are not one in the same.

  14. Claude HAGEGE Says:

    Do we talk about screens or players?
    some networks have 1 player for many screens….

  15. Roi Iglesias Says:

    People reached is a good question, but with trusted audience data…
    Eg. Canal LAE has 1,9 daily viewers according with EGM…but in other networks this question depends on the environment… and the flow

    Thought that audience and locations are good point to review

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