#dse2013 How To Pick A Light Bulb

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We dropped on the Kokley #dse2013  booth (shared with Rose Displays that bought Kokley in Jan./13) mainly to chat with Todd Hoffman, Kokley president, and to see what’s new since we last talked.

Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman

It turns out that Kokley developed an iPad service for Lowe’s Canada that makes it easier for customers to find the right light bulb for their needs – something that has become more difficult than ever with the development of energy-efficient light bulbs.

In mass merchandisers and big box stores, there are whole aisles of light bulbs and often no staff around that can help or who are knowledgeable enough to help. Kokley’s solution works.

“The iPad is set up so that the customer can, with the answers to a few questions, be directed to the exact bulb – and its location,” said Hoffman. The store management can make immediate price and other changes, as required.

Lowe’s has experienced an increase in sales of 25% per week over last year since installing Kokley’s system.

“The iPad can power signage well,” said Hoffman, who said that a similar system was developed for a fine luggage brand, and that Kokley is now testing systems for Lazy Boy, Foot Locker and others.

Sounds like a simple way to make consumers’ lives easier.

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