VIA’s Android Board Support Package

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

VIA Technologies Inc., Taipei, Taiwan, recently announced its latest Android board support package (BSP) for the VIA Vantage digital signage line which enables a split-screen multi-touch user experience, providing more dynamic interaction within the limited real-estate of a single screen.

The Android BSP enables the combination of app and HTML 5-based content to be displayed simultaneously on a single screen, giving system integrators improved flexibility to create engaging multi-touch digital signage systems. This cost-effective solution allows customers to pack more information and richer multimedia content into a single display.

The VIA Android BSP provides opportunities for a broad spectrum of environments including airports, bus and train stations, shopping centers, and retail stores, as well as a host of other public spaces.

“Customers can maximize the use of existing web-based content by integrating it into digital signage that is placed in key areas for their target market,” says Epan Wu, head of VIA Embedded, VIA Technologies.

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