BroadSign Picks A Side

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

BroadSign CEO Brian Dusho published Friday an open letter on their web site entitled ‘Why We’re All-in on the DPAA and DSF‘.

DSInvestor - Brian Dusho“Better late than never” some cynics might point out – there are plenty of others who took a stance years ago when perhaps there was much more at stake – Real Digital Media’s Ken Goldberg wrote ‘Time To Pick The Pony‘ back in July 2010 (yes, 2010) and we’d point readers at a succession of our own articles, the most recent published March 2012 entitled ‘DSA vs DSF (We Only Need One)’ – however, Brian does makes some excellent points and we’d add to the general congratulations he has already received on twitter.

There are just two things in particular we feel compelled to comment on: –

  • We quote “With the buzz surrounding upcoming European, Asian and Latin American shows” – we’re not sure what industry calendar he is looking at exactly but the shows that purport to represent the industry in Asia are crap at best and there is NOTHING now specific to digital out of home at all in Europe with the demise of #ScreenmediaExpo – just remember ISE is great but it’s an AV Show with a ‘digital signage zone’ – it has a rubbish conference programme and is still not yet attracting enough end users
  • We quote “We (BroadSign) believe that the DPAA is the most central, influential organization for spurring real growth in the industry”. Now, whilst under the stewardship of the three previous lady Presidents it has done a pretty good job, there is still plenty of scope for improvement. When it comes to its own October Media Summit, it is far too conservative (there are far too many ‘politically correct’ panels, usually a poor speaker lineup, lack of hard hitting controversy, etc.) and it seemingly (from what we hear) mistreats its bastard child OVAB Europe (an example perhaps of typically arrogant cultural imperialism).

No doubt as a board member, Brian has some inside track on who the next DPAA President will be – the DPAA should take note that the success that the DSF has had is down to a strong, varied and committed board – something we would argue that the DPAA has only recently just had with the arrival of (Brian himself) and folks like NEC Display Solution’s Pierre Richer.

The DSF will go from strength to strength with the mighty Phil Cohen in charge and the DPAA might do so as well – but it also needs a strong President.

Brian ends with a great call to action, which is worth sharing with you here as well, we quote “We (BroadSign) believe everyone in this industry is going to have to choose: pick a side and thrive or be divided and conquered. We’re making a choice to focus on the DPAA and DSF as these groups and their events are where we are seeing the most promise of return. The destiny of the digital signage industry is to function as a single, coherent body. We hope it makes as much sense to you as it does to us”.

One Response to “BroadSign Picks A Side”

  1. Ken Goldberg Says:

    I fully agree with Brian’s position and reasoning, and while I appreciate the mention, I don’t need or want any kudos for taking a stand earlier… different circumstances, different times, same intent, same result. What is important is that a tidal shift is occurring, and it will be good for everyone in the industry. I don’t have an insider’s insight on DPAA, as we are not a member, but I do know that they have done some good work in the area of standards. People from Brian’s team, both past and present, have been a big part of that effort… another example of action speaking louder than words. I hope more companies take his call to action to heart and get involved. Everybody has a day job, but it is the work that DSF and DPAA do as a community and an industry that raises the tide, floating all boats a bit higher. Dare we dream of one organization?

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