#2013SignExpo Vantage’s Coming Out Party

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Vantage, located in Corona, California, not only impressed us at #2013SignExpo but, when news of SM Infinity, its software system’s capabilities, became known, there were a lot of competitors warily circling its impressive booth in #2013SignExpo‘s Digital Zone.

IF“This is our ‘coming out’,” James Anderson of Vantage’s regional sales, told us. “We were a little late to show at Digital Signage Expo, but from now on, you are going to see us everywhere.”

Vantage certainly had one of the most visible booths in the Digital Zone, even showing teaser ads regarding digital signage on one of its high screens. 100%-owned by Chris Ma, Vantage was founded in 2003 and manufactures LED displays, software and hardware. SM Infinity is its universal cloudware offered in collaboration with developer Spectacular Media, that can control virtually any LED sign through the cloud from multiple platforms. Since 2008, Vantage has been providing digital signage for OEMs.

One of the neat offerings within the software Infinity is that it has a comprehensive list of professional designers that clients can contact directly within its software package. If a client needs a picture of an airplane, for example, he/she can contact any of the designers directly through the software and get a 24-to-48 turn around for its art without the need to talk to anyone at Vantage or looking for outside designers.

Similarly, Vantage can look at its list of designers through the software and if it sees that one designer has too much work, it can direct clients to other designers for a more equitable distribution of work for the designers.

Another advantage of Vantage is that a client can program from anywhere using any mobile device.

“We are here visiting current clients,” said Anderson. “We are finding multi sign dealers stopping here. They are looking for the optimum in powerful software and hardware.

“In addition, we sell through dealers and we are trying to build partnerships with dealers from South America, Europe and more.”

The company also runs a blog to help educate clients and potential clients about digital signage.

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