Northern Ireland Local And Regional Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Much to our dismay we think that it is fair to say that local and regional sales have become an important element to the digital screen network mix, at least in the UK. Anthony Hague, Sales Director, Screenmedia Ltd told us “We can blend local ads alongside national commercials and in our opinion this creates a ‘local feel’ to the screens that can only enhance the numbers viewing the screens”

Here we see Screemmedia Ltd ink a deal with On Screen Solutions in Northern Ireland – effectively combing a number of venues in the region together. Included in the inventory, is George Best City Airport in Belfast (the 2nd fastest growing in the UK) and the railway network in the province.

Robert Fulton, Managing Director, On Screen Solutions told us “The link up with Screenmedia Ltd is a fantastic opportunity for our business. Having a team to boost sales both locally and regionally is a shot in the arm for any network. The system enables us guaranteed revenues, which can lead to us growing our network further”

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