Gala Bingo Reducing The Need For Posters

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Kaleidovision, well known in the UK for its retail music offering (and many years ago the takeover target of both Imagesound and Avanti Screenmedia) has been the long time supplier of digital content (including music to the Casinos) to Gala Bingo (part of the Gala Coral Group) and the latter, eager to embrace new technology, has taken a pioneering approach to managing the rapid evolution of the game and its associated pricing complexities at their front-of-house.

Gala Bingo, Hull

Gala Bingo, Hull

Kaleidovision’s business development manager, Richard Smith told us “Pricing within the bingo sector is much more complex that you might initially think. As stated at bingo buzz, pricing within these sector has many factor to consider. The fact that there are up to 11 different games covering the morning, afternoon and evening sessions, with different tariffs according to peak and off-peak trading, presents its own difficulties”

He added “The products themselves change regularly and on top of that there are local variations. Gala therefore wanted to consolidate this into a main menu board.”

This new digital poster system is already trialling in eight of the company’s premier sites and early signs are that the web based pricing portal put together by the Kaleidovision technical team is proving to be a useful and popular business tool for public and staff alike.

Modern bingo, we are told, has far outgrown the static poster information format, Kaleidovision’s Chief Information officer Paul Buckthorpe tells us “Customers can clearly see the prices for the current session whilst standing in the queue. As a result customers can enter the club far more quickly and the queue lengths have been reduced — making for a nicer customer experience.”

Pricing variations are handled locally by each club using simple guidelines and pricing templates – all maintained by the club manager.

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