Telmar-ADstruc Package For Media Buyers and Sellers

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Telmar Information Services Corp., a major supplier of advertising media systems, has announced the release and immediate availability of its TOPS Out-of-Home planning software with direct seamless link to the ADstruc media buying platform, and thereby providing providing a complete end-to-end, planning to buying solution for advertising agencies and media sellers.

telmar_logoThe TOPS OOH planning system is the leading multi-market, multi-media analysis system for OOH media ratings measured by the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Inc. for both detailed site level and market average media delivery evaluations.

The TAB database includes digital and non-digital OOH assets among other media types, and the Telmar TOPS system allows TAB-authorized users to filter all these differences. For digital OOH buyers, the result is a full national and market-by-market analysis on both the digital and/or non-digital components of the outdoor plan.

ADstruc provides a fully integrated set of tools for connecting media planners with the most extensive network of out-of-home inventory. These tools streamline the RFP workflow and enable a more efficient purchase process across multiple operators. The ADstruc integration incorporates the TOPS media plan goals into an RFP, which is submitted directly to OOH operators without ever leaving TOPS System.

As operators respond with proposals to the RFP, ADstruc’s technology automatically organizes the proposals and presents them to the buyer in an interactive and unified online proposal. Agencies can upload custom data sets and historical campaign data, along with ADstruc’s social, mobile and census data, to better analyze proposed inventory through the use of heat maps. These tools enable OOH and DOOH campaigns to be planned and executed in a data driven, effective way.

“ADstruc provides a very powerful suite of tools for media buyers and media sellers,” says Corey Panno, Telmar president. “The integration of our OOH planning software with the ADstruc platform automates and eliminates the most cumbersome aspects of the traditional RFP process, creating greater efficiency for OOH buying specialists and allowing easy access to the OOH buying process for any media planner – especially those who are new to evaluating OOH as part of their strategic plans.”

John Laramie, ADstruc CEO, says, “As the industry continues to evolve and the demand for more targeted audience-based buying increases, the need for an integrated planning and buying system becomes more and more important.”

Telmar is a world-wide supplier of advertising and media information software and services. Telmar’s 10,000 users across 85 countries include many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, digital and print publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.

ADstruc buying platform for the outdoor advertising industry, includes both traditional and digital Out-of-Home media. With an emphasis on data-driven planning, we help agencies, national brands, and local businesses discover and efficiently purchase Out-of-Home media campaigns that deliver tangible and measurable results. Our cloud-based solution also allows outdoor advertising operators to easily manage their inventory online and interact with new and existing clients in real-time.

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