Montréal Metro System To Gain More Digital Screens

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Société de transport de Montréal and COGECO Métromédia will set up Métrovision digital screens in the entire Montréal subway system to provide its clientele with an increasingly better access to information. The deployment will be carried out in two phases, each covering 26 stations, from June, 2013, to Summer, 2014.

cogeco metromedia logoThe screens will display useful information for passengers such as the hour and the destination of the next subway train, the status of the subway service, and instructions in case of an emergency.

There are currently 116 screens in 16 metro stations. At the end of this new initiative, 223 more screens will be installed, for a total of four screens per station – or two by platform. As well, more screens will be added at the Jean-Talon and Snowdon stations.

“The STM provides more than 900,000 commutes in its subway system,” says Michel Labrecque, chairman of the Board. “Customer satisfaction is directly linked to the quality of the information provided and to its availability. By equipping all of its subway stations with digital displays, the STM once again proves its continuing commitment to improving its own practices to better meet the needs of commuters.”

“We have been one of the first industry players to commercialize a digital display network,” says Claude Lamoureux, vice-president and general manager of COGECO Métromedia. “This deployment is part of the move toward digital media already in progress and will reach all of the users of Montréal’s subway system every day. Métrovision also provides a new and diversified programming that we will happily share with all of the clientele.”

The STM, the entity responsible for installing the infrastructure to accommodate the displays, is carrying out this project within the Réno-Systèmes phase 3, a program jointly funded by Transports Québec. COGECO Métromedia provides the display equipment as well as content management and system maintenance.

Cogeco Diffusion Inc., a property of COGECO Inc., wholly-owns and operates COGECO Métromédia, an advertising representation house specialized in the public transit sector that holds exclusive advertising rights in the Province of Québec where it also represents its business partners active across other Canadian markets.

COGECO Diffusion also owns and operates 13 radio stations across most of Québec with complementary radio formats serving a wide range of audiences, as well as COGECO News, its news agency.

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